Contabilidad y Fiscalidad


En SmartBPO analizamos y diseñamos la mejor estrategia contable y financiera que permita una lectura más eficiente y resolutiva de los balances de situación y de cuenta de resultados de su compañía.

As accounting, tax and financial experts, we advise you constantly to establish the accounting criteria and policies for proper interpretation of the company’s financial statements, as well as of the main tax matters affecting your business.

Cómo le podemos ayudar

_Gestión contable y financiera

Drawing up the compulsory accounting books of the Company for later submission to the relevant Registry, as well as the documents needed for presenting the Annual Accounts, drawn up by the Company’s Board of Directors.

Analytical Accountancy

Accountancy differentiated by cost centres, business areas, projects, etc.

_Obligaciones fiscales

Advice, supervision and where applicable, submission of any direct and indirect tax returns that have to be presented by the Company regularly.

Qué beneficios obtendrá

  • Improvement of anticipation capacity.
  • Confidentiality of the information (avoids depending on internal employees who could make undue use of this).
  • Reduces costs stemming from staff rotation.
  • Greater control and visibility
  • More time to concentrate on the essential things
  • Better-structured information facilitating decision-making

Cuadro de mando Financiero – Gestión de tesorería

SmartBPO ha creado el cuadro de mando financiero, un espacio en el que podrá dynamically and accurately analyse the viability of your business, your equity situation, your assets and liabilities, the evolution of costs in respect of sales, as well as facilitating in-depth analysis of all these items.