Cuadro de mando Comercial

This tool will give you an overview of certain key indicators involving your company’s sales on an yearly/monthly basis, by geographical zone, by department and product reference.

Mediante los dashboards del cuadro de mando comercial, usted podrá conocer:

_Análisis global

This analysis panel will give you a overview of the evolution of certain key indicators (KPI) involved in sales.

It is designed to be able to discern the evolution of each KPI on a yearly, monthly and cost-centre basis, always comparing the real situation in a specific period with the budget on the same date.

_Ventas por comercial

This panel will let you analyse your sales network and find out, for whatever time window you wish, the evolution of sales per commission agent or rep., as well as how far they have complied with their task in respect of the estimated budget.

For each agent you will be able to learn their customer ABC, their invoicing and examine their sales by geographical areas.

_Ventas por clientes

This panel will enable visualising the ABC of customers with the invoices issued in a particular period and the outstanding amount for each of these.

You will also be able to easily identify the customers with a collection period over 180 days by means of an alert, and find out what invoice, date and cost centre is associated with said invoice.